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   1991| July-September  | Volume 11 | Issue 1  
    Online since November 11, 2011

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Anti-Rheumatic formulations from Ayurveda
AA Raut, AD Joshi, DS Antarkar, VR Joshi, AB Vaidya
July-September 1991, 11(1):66-69
Rheumatic disorders like Amavata, Sandhivata and Vatarakta are elaborately described in ayurvedic literature. Preliminary survey of literature shows that about 247 formulations are recommended for these rheumatic disorders. These formulations generally include guggulu compounds, compounds of plant powders, decoctions, medicated ghees, oils, electuaries etc. Therapeutic potential of ayurvedic concepts and a brief review of Ayurvedic formulations are also discussed.
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Influence of unrefined sorghum or maize on serum lipids
GE Suhasini, DR Krishna
July-September 1991, 11(1):26-27
The rural population in many parts of India consumes sorghum (Jowar) and maize as staple food. The flour made out of these cereals is consumed after cooking or baking on a pan with or without oil. The present study was undertaken in two groups of healthy human volunteers. Each subject of first group consumed ground unrefined sorghum (100g) daily as supper for three weeks in the form of pancake. The subjects of second group consumed ground unrefined Maize (50g) daily as supper for three weeks also as pancake. Both the diets showed significant reduction in serum total cholesterol and triglyceride levels with simultaneous increase in HDL cholesterol value.
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  781 96 -
Preliminary clinical study of Sharbat-E-Unsul in Zeequn-Nafas-Balghami
AB Barkatullah, M. M. H. Khan, Hakim M. H. Siddiqui, B. S. A. H. Jafri
July-September 1991, 11(1):12-15
Sharbat-e-Unsul, a Unani medicine was found to cure zeequn - nafasbalghami or "difficulty in breathing due to narrowing or obstruction of air passage". The drug did not cause any adverse effect.
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  775 96 -
Pranayama and brain correlates
TM Srinivasan
July-September 1991, 11(1):2-6
Many yogic methods emphasis control and suspension of breath as important components of the path to transcendence. However, the Pranayamas are varied and their role of both improve the physical aspects of breathing and for calming the mind, the latter being very important in the management of many phycosomatic disorders. Different types of Pranayama seem to influence the brain functioning in specific ways. Since the breath seems to link the body and the mind, it is possible to study this link by studying the effect of Pranayama on some brain functioning. This report document some of the recent observations of EEG changes during different types of Pranayama and their significance in health and diseases.
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  777 83 -
The body is verily the instrument for the practice of Dharma
Swami Jnananda Sarasvati
July-September 1991, 11(1):94-96
The venerated author presents evidence to prove that the physical body of man is certainly the instrument for practicing dharma, the non-observance of which leads to all miseries.
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  804 54 -
A preliminary study on the effect of Tinospora cordifolia on mitosis
RY Abhanga, PP Jogleker, PH Kulkarni
July-September 1991, 11(1):7-8
The Effect of tincture of Tinospora cordifolia was evaluated using onion root tip mitosis as the test system. The aqueous extract stimulated the mitotic activity significatory.
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  768 87 -
Standardisation of Somarajee Taila
RG Agarwal, LC Tewari, MJ Pandey, G Pandey, MR Uniyal
July-September 1991, 11(1):62-65
This paper describes the standardization of Somarajee taila, an important ayurvedic formulation indicated in scabies, pruritus, acne, fistula, gout, leprosy and ring worm.
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  772 72 -
Anti-cancer drugs from U.P. Himalaya
MR Uniyal, LC Tewari
July-September 1991, 11(1):50-55
Many ayurvedic texts mention arbuda which is considered as an equivalent of cancer. Vagbhata mentions arbuda of mouth, tongue, eyes, nose, breast and uterus. Caraka and Susruta also provide plenty of information on this dreaded group of diseases. Considering the importance of this disease in present day health care, the authors mention in this paper several plants of the Himalaya, used in the treatment of cancer.
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  794 48 -
Nomenclatural confusion on Eclipta prostrate (L.) L.
S Balu, GR Rao
July-September 1991, 11(1):70-73
Eclipta prostrate (L.) L. (Asterceae) is a valuable plant used in the treatment of various human ailments in Ayurveda and Siddha systems. Nomenclatural confusion prevails as different plants are mentioned in Indian medical literature as Bhringaraja and Karisalahganni. It is evident from the present study that the nomenclature Bhringaraja and Karisalanganni must be restricted only to Eclipta prostrate (L.) L.
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  714 97 -
Hypoglycemic effect or Neem bark and flower on streptozotocin-induced Diabetes in mice
Ashok Purohit, VP Dixit
July-September 1991, 11(1):28-30
Three to six hours after the administration of extracts of neem bark or flower, the blood glucose levels of normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice dropped significantly. However, neem flower possesses stronger hypoglycemic activity than the bark. Hypoglycemic action of these extracts may be due to their metabolic effect on tissue and or due to increase in insulin secretion.
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  758 49 -
Effects of anethole on seminal vesicle of albino rats
T Farook, G Vanithakumari, G Bhuvaneswari, T Malini, S Manonayaki
July-September 1991, 11(1):9-11
Administration of anethole at 10 and 50 mg doses caused significant reduction in seminal vesicle weight, RNA and protein concentrations and contents and acid phosphates activity. However, there was significant increase in DNA concentrations and in the activities of alkaline phosphates and lactate dehydrogenase. The effects were more pronounced in the group receiving 50 mg of anethole.
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  751 52 -
Changes in levels of substrates and enzymes in osme organs of female rats in response to plant extracts
M Krishna Reddy, A Ravi
July-September 1991, 11(1):56-59
Levels of glycogen, lactate, pyruvate, total proteins, free amino acids andenzymes (LDH & SDH) have been recorded in brain, heart, kidney and liver of rats in response to treatment with crude drug combination. The study indicates increase in the levels of glycogen, pyruvate, total proteins, LDH and SDH and decrease in levels of lactate and free amino acids.
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  737 52 -
In vitro callus production from leaves of Gymnema sylvestre R. Br.
PA Nazeem, PK Sudhadevi, Lisamma Joseph, CK Geetha
July-September 1991, 11(1):43-45
Successful callusing was obtained from leaf segments of Gymnema sylvestre R. Br. Cultures aseptically on MS medium with various concentrations of growth regulators.
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  730 55 -
Studies on th estandardisation of Curna- Part - II Talizadya Curna
Muzaffer Alam, K. K. S. Dasan, N Meenakshi, R Bhima Rao
July-September 1991, 11(1):46-49
Talisadya churna was prepared by pounding the individual ingredients in mortar and pestle and mixie. The Curna prepared by pounding the ingredients in mortar and pestle showed higher exhaustive extraction in hexane and solubility in alcohol. The Curna prepared by grinding the ingredients in mixie showed less acid insoluble content, high volatile matter, water soluble matter, and exhaustive extraction in chloroform. Thin layer silica gel chromatography and test of organic functional groups did not show any difference in the Tulisadya curna prepared by either method.
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  734 51 -
Pharmacognostic study of leaf of Hyptis suaveolens L
S Jelani, M Prabhakar
July-September 1991, 11(1):31-37
This paper deals with the pharmacognosy of Hyptis suaveolens leaf including its morphological, anatomical, chemical constituents and powder analysis. Contrary to earlier reports, the leaves are amphistomatic. Stomata are diacytic, a few being isotricytic and ansiotricytic. Four types of trichomes have been noted. The venation is semicraspidodromous. Midrib consists of one large moon shaped and petiole with four wedge-shaped vascular bundles. Powder microscopy revealed fragments of epidermis, mesophyll, trichomes and tracheary elements. Positive tests for glycosides, polyphenolases, flavones and juglones are also recorded.
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  706 79 -
Farmacognostical studies on the south Indian market sample of Karkatasringi (Kadukkaipoo) - Terminalia chebul (Gaertn. Leaf Gall)
TR Santha, J. K. P. Shetty, SN Yoganarasimhan, R Sudha
July-September 1991, 11(1):16-22
Pharmacognostical studies on the South Indian market sample of Karkatasringi (Terminalia chebula leaf galls) were carried out along with comparative studies on Pistacia integerima which is the accepted source of Karkatasringi. The galls of T. chebula are also known as Kadukkai Poo in Siddha system.
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  718 55 -
Hitherto unreported medicinal uss of plants of Lucknow district
CS Singh, NC Shah
July-September 1991, 11(1):60-61
The medicinal uses of thirteen plants from Lucknow District are reported in this paper.
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  707 54 -
Sri Lankarn medical manuscripts - An untapped source of Ayurvedic research
Jinadasa Liyanaratne
July-September 1991, 11(1):40-42
Sri Lankan Medical manuscripts offer a wealth of information on the practice of Ayurveda. The significant of these manuscripts in the various speheres of medical research in presented in this communication.
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  693 54 -
Varietal trial on palmarosa
RD Thakare, PP Khode, HN Sethi
July-September 1991, 11(1):23-25
Field and laboratory investigations were undertaken at Nagarjun Medicinal Plants Garden from 1984 - 1987 with object to find out the suitable variety of palmarosa having high yield of foliage and oil. From the pooled analysis the variety IW - 3631 showed highest dry foliage yield (10271 KG / ha) which was significantly superior over all varieties i.e, IW 3632, IW-3630, IW RRL (B) - 65 and IW - 3629 except IW RRL (B) - 49. Oil contents and oil yield was also found to be more in variety IW 3631. Varieties IW - 3629 gave lowest oil yield and was at par with varieties IW - 3630 and IW - 3632.
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  698 48 -
Additions to the flora of Nilgiris district, Tamil Nadu.
D Suresh Baburaj, SS Nain, S Rajan
July-September 1991, 11(1):78-93
Nilgiri District, Tamil Nadu is one of the most botanised areas of southern India. In spite of it a number of wild plants had been missed by previous collectors. In addition a number of exotics and ornamentals having importance in alternative systems of medicine like Homoeopathy and Unani have not been collected and preserved as herbarium records. The present paper lists 36 species of wild plants and 69 species of exotics. Their areas of occurrence, phonological data, accession numbers, and names of collectors have been given.
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  684 43 -
Occurrence of vesicular - arbuscular mycorrhizae in medicinal plants
KK Sulochana, P Sivaprasad, G Sreekantan Nair
July-September 1991, 11(1):38-39
Observations on the occurrence of vesicular arbuscular mycorrhizae association in 16 medicinal plants are reported in this communication.
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  681 43 -
The evolution of cosmos

July-September 1991, 11(1):1-2
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  584 49 -
Anti-Diarrhoel potential of Myristica frangrans seed Extracts

July-September 1991, 11(1):74-77
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  449 0 -
Consecration of the Idol of the Deity
Brahmasree A Divakaran Nambudiripad
July-September 1991, 11(1):97-101
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  446 0 -
Books review
Ram Manohar
July-September 1991, 11(1):102-103
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  384 44 -